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Hello Parents! You've landed on my dedicated School Portraiture and ordering website. Everything you need to view and order your child(ren)'s portraits is here! Thank you for the privilege and honor of being able to spend some quality time with your kiddos capturing their vibrant and uniquely individual spirits. As a parent myself, I know there is nothing more valuable in the realm of portrait photography than an image that accurately reflects your child's essence and showcases them precisely as you know them, including all their special little mannerisms and smiles. This is why I offer you so many wonderful images to choose from. I know you'll find the one that make your heart swoon. ENJOY your images!

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I've been a portrait and commercial photographer in Santa Cruz the past 10 years. I am a single mother to two amazing school aged kiddos and one very needy dog. I absolutely adore children and, fortunately, the sentiment seems to be reciprocated. My portrait and commercial website can be found at www.pascalewowak.com